jadeandperrie-style: Hello I'm a new Jade and Perrie Style blog and I was wondering if you can tell your followers to follow me ? xx.


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Anonymous: Hi, I'm going to visit my friend's dance course (in our country it is something like a tradition), but I don't know, what I should wear. Something elegant (mabye dress, skirt...), but not much expensive. Thank you so much! :)

Just posted :) not the last one but the previous one with the two outfits. But the last one could also work! Sorry it’s late but I was busy xxx

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perrie-edwards-wardrobe: Hi, sorry to bother you. I was wondering of you could give me a quick shoutout? I'm a perrie fashion blog as well. Thank you so much! Ria xx


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Anonymous: Do you know if Ulta gives out free samples? :)

Theh don’t have Ulta in my country so I don’t know I’m sorry..xx

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